In the new era of fitness and muscle building equipment I have found the CorMax products to be the leading edge in functional use. Weights filled with water add a whole new dimension to strengthening the body in combination with the core. For a long time a generation of sports men and women have used metal weights, where we are developing for sports that quite often it is the off-balance nature of strength that we need to put more focus into. This is where the CorMax products come into its own as it requires the whole body to work together.

Craig DowdEx-NZ All Black (60 Rugby Tests)

As the owner operator of a first of a kind, functional training gym concept in Australia, I look to source and buy unique equipment to use in my ‘Centre of Excellence’. The CorMax range of equipment offers a multitude of truly functional training options and I simply love the diversity that CorMax brings to my gym. I have no hesitation in recommending this great range of products.

Ross BarbourReal Commando / Royal Marine Commando Physical Training – Senior Instructor – Real Commando Training

The unpredictable water movement helps patients of all ages with stability and balance safely. We find they work effectively to strengthen the dynamic stabilisers and provide an extra challenge compared to standard dumb bell, bar bell and kettle bell work. The CorMax range requires relatively low weight for rehabilitation as compared to fixed weights.

Ben WaldockB.Phty / Dip Post Grad (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist) – St. George Physiotherapy